ProVia AP21

PROVIA AP 21 is a unique formulation that delivers available organic nitrogen that is absorbed, transported, and utilized by the plant. ProVia AP21 is produced through the process of enzymatic hydrolysis and helps a plant to combat climatic stress situations. It is designed and developed as a broad-spectrum enhancer that can be used as a stand-alone or integrated value-add.
ProVia AP21 can be used as a foliar or in-furrow.


● Easy foliar uptake and fast action of biological active L-Amino acids and peptides
● To support vegetative growth and plant stress resistance
● Improves production efficiency of micronutrient and plant protection treatments
● 100% organic bio-stimulant and foliar fertilizer

It is recommended to be use at any plant stage to prepare the crop for unfavorable conditions (drought, cold, salinity, wind, root swelling, etc.). Used on all crops, it is compatible with most liquid fertilizers, micronutrients, and pesticides. A physical jar compatibility test is recommended.

What you need to know

● 100% natural, organic, Non- GMO, Biodegradable
● High content of water-soluble organic nitrogen
● Broad spectrum of peptides and amino acids
● High percentage plant absorbable peptides and amino acids
● Low salt, ash, and chloric content
● Is compatible with most inputs; Easy to apply

● Increases root mass to improve uptake
● Increases the production and quality of the crop
● Strengthen the crop against biotic and abiotic stresses
● Stimulates plant metabolism and growth response
● Increases N, Ca, Zn, Fe, Cu, uptake by the plants
● Enhances cell division and elongation
● Increases amino acids, peptides, and brix’s for increase growth and yield
● Excellent for use in a foliar spray, in-farrow, and drip irrigation
● Can be used as a value-add or in tank mixes with other inputs.
● Helps to improve soil health and many other benefits

• Apply ProVia AP21 directly on seed for germination
• Apply ProVia AP21 on crop foliage and root systems
• Applying early on plants at 4-leaf stage is best for maximum root development and triggering maximum plant bio-stimulation
• Can apply at vegetative stage before bud-set and pre-flowering for higher Nitrogen needs, increased total nutrient uptake and induce a systemic response for plants protection to abiotic stresses
• Can be applied at early reproductive stages to meet Nitrogen demand and trigger plant protection responses
• Recommended to split seasonal rates if applying multiple times during the season to stay within suggested rates, i.e., corn 16oz in-furrow, 16oz foliar
• Use alone or in combination with most plant nutrients, fungicides, or herbicides, always perform a jar test before mixing in field tank

ProVia AP21:


Plant growth stimulating peptides and amino acids:




Construct different cellular structures


Carry nutrients and minerals


Against abiotic and biotic stresses


Protect plants from pathogens & stress


Help in the abortion and utilization of nutrient


Membrane proteins that respond to chemical messengers


Chemical messengers: growth regulators, hormones and enzymes


Provide nourishment in early development of plant parts

Functions of amino acids for growth and yield