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NuVia provides unique, innovative, eco-certified and patented silicon products that are beneficial for animals and plants. All NuVia’s offerings are developed with a focus on sustainability, eco friendliness and safe product application, including detailed instruction on the use of these silicon products to improve the bottom-line.

The use of NuVia’s Agricultural inputs and methodology gives significant economic benefit to the farmer: because of our sustainable approach to farming not only can yields increase, but also the application rates of other inputs such as nitric, phosphoric fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides may be reduced. NuVia’s organic and sustainable inputs improve the overall uniformity, quality and nutrient value of the crop. Which also results in the improvement of transit and shelf-life.

Our foliar and soil treatment program not only improves the plants overall health but also activates the microbiological complex that improves soil properties like texture, water-holding capacity, cation exchange capacity and many other parameters.

NuVia’s agricultural program makes the commercial production of agriculture, horticulture and animal welfare healthier and more ecologically sound.


NuVia’s Agricultural program results in the following benefits:

  • Increase crop yield from 10-30% (cereals) up to 15-40% (potatoes vegetables) and even more; (as seen in studies)
  • Accelerates crop maturing up to 10 days and even more; (as seen in studies)
  • Increase in the storability transit and shelf-life of crop
  • Improves establishment of sprouts and seedlings at transplanting
  • Strengthen development of the plant system and respiration
  • Increase plant resistance to the negative factors of environment (drought superfluous moisture frosts)
  • Increase protection of plants from bacterial and fungal diseases
  • Increase the efficiency of plants uptake of micro-nutrients from soil
  • Increase the efficiency of nitric potassium and phosphoric fertilizers pesticides and fungicides making it possible to reduce their application rates up to 20-40% (as seen in studies)
  • Restores and maintain soil fertility
  • Restores soil microbiological activity (or to considerably stimulate the activity of different groups of soil microorganisms)
  • Increase soils water-holding capacity to preserve their properties being disturbed either by intensive irrigation or by high rates of mineral fertilizers
  • Soften the effects of soil acidity and salinity on the plants
  • Decreases nitrate content in agricultural production
  • Bond up heavy metals radionuclides and pesticide residues in soil by forming insoluble (in soil solution) complexes thereby preventing both their plant uptake and transfer into the ground waters and atmosphere;
  • Obtain ecologically safe production of the highest quality