About Us

Quality, passion, innovation and delivering Do-No-Harm solutions and ideas have always been NuVia’s leading value. We offer sustainable solutions inspired by nature and based on organic, natural inputs and biological compounds that positively influence our environment and help to addresses many of the issues influencing global food insecurities.

We Are Experienced

NuVia Technologies Inc. is a Canadian owned, experience driven company committed to serving agricultural and livestock producers with hi-quality sustainable value-added do-no-harm solutions.

We Are Knowledgable

Our cutting-edge technologies and know-how provide unique solutions to reduce stress and improve production, marketability, environmental profile, safety and aesthetics in a wide range of products and sectors (agriculture, animal welfare and life sciences).

We Are Available

By partnering with nature to bring our customers tomorrows technical solutions today. Customers can contact NuVia Technologies directly or one of our experienced and knowledgeable global representatives.

What Is Food Security?

The condition in which all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life.
- fao.org

5 A's of Food Security

Sufficient food for all people at all times.


NuVia’s agricultural and animal welfare technologies are developed to improve the yield and quality of crops and the health and mortality of the animals. Produces from sustainable materials and the belief that we can do better with a sustainable approach.

Physical and economic access to food.


NuVia’s approach is to meet people and problems in their own environment, by helping individuals in their local environment we are able to address and maintain accessibility and affordability to high quality affordable food.

Access to food that is nutritious and safe, and produced in environmentally sustainable ways.


NuVia’s inputs and technologies are all created using safe, natural and organic, sustainable raw materials. These unique sustainable technologies have all shown to improve both the quality and quantity of our food. NuVia prides itself on the development and commerciality of safe organic and sustainable products that do-no-harm to the environment, to animals or to humans.

Access to culturally acceptable food, which is produced and obtained in ways that do not compromise people’s dignity, self-respect or human rights.


NuVia’s organic and sustainable inputs are used locally. Our unique technologies are all developed to be used on flora and fauna in all environments. Therefore, cultural practices and traditional norms can be followed, while improving both the outcome of high-quality food and advancing the local environments natural viability.

The policies and processes that enable the achievement of food security.


At NuVia we are committed to developing solutions based on the knowledge that sustainable chemistry is an integral part of today’s problem solving. NuVia’s do-no-harm approach has led to the development of a number of cost-effective, organic and sustainable offerings for plants and animals.

How we help to address the issues of food insecurity:

There is usually only one contributing factor towards a person’s food insecurity, (Economical, Geographical or Environmental) which can lead to serious health and social problems. Similarly, abiotic and biotic stress suffered by plant and livestock in agriculture leads to human stress and anxiety. NuVia’s solutions are developed to address and eliminate the factors of food insecurity, stress and anxiety.

Corporate Governance

NuVia Technologies Inc. is engaged in the market development, production and sale of natural, organic and bio-based technologies for agricultural/aquaculture and animal care markets. NuVia’s know-how and use of natural forgotten mineral (silica) have been the driver for several commercial product developments.


To provide sustainable and high-quality food security to a growing global population is our desire. NuVia, has developed safe ‘do-no-harm’ solution for farming that contributes to the global need to increase our food production for a rapidly growing population. These inputs are unique cost-effective solutions that improve competitive advantages for the farmer and meeting and/or exceeding the value needs of the consumer. This core value is a key part of our success and drives productivity, growth, profitability and sustainability throughout the organization.

Corporate Overview

NuVia is committed to environmental responsibility in all its business activities and operations. A commitment that has the company poised to substantially realize on the global opportunities for organic agricultural-inputs, animal-care products and fine chemical offerings made from nature.


In 2011, NuVia Technologies Inc. initiated the development of natural and organic bio-stimulants based on organic compounds, silica and zeolite sciences, that helps to improve a crops health, quality and quantity. Whilst, reducing the level of other chemical inputs (fertilizers, herbicides and fungicides) or positively optimize their performance.


NuVia’s offerings are developed to maximize the customers value on a sustainable basis. Supported by a strong technical team with in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience in agricultural, aquiculture and veterinarian science.  NuVia® is progressively expanding and improving its sustainable and organic product line with the benefit of having a broader range of application.

NuVia technologies Inc. is a leading developer and supplier of agricultural inputs, animal care products and fine chemicals.  For over 10 years, NuVia has provided many global industries with essential technologies and value add services. For the advancement of global sustainability and the efficient and environmentally responsible brand management of our customers products and services.

Our cutting-edge developments, technologies and know-how provide unique solutions that reduce stress and improves product quality, environmental profile, safety and aesthetics in a wide range of sectors across the life sciences spectrum.  NuVia, is committed to environmental sustainability, superior quality and excellent customer service.


Our roots and experience stretch back to the beginnings of our organization, with a focus on the environment, population growth and sustainable future of food security. Providing the highest quality products and services to global industries, NuVia has emerged as a global leader, innovator in the development and production of sustainable offerings from organic and natural inputs and biological compounds. Our Do-No-Harm, approach to the environment, allows us to create safe solutions that helps to advance our customers goods and services, as well as their brands and corporate goodwill.


NuVia Technologies Inc. protects the food and feed chains, keeping people and animals safe, advancing future sustainable approaches for businesses and the environment in the following key areas:

  • Soil health and remediation
  • Plant health and nutrition
  • Animal health and nutrition

Benefits of partnering with NuVia:

  • Reduction of chemical growing inputs (i.e., nitrogen fertilizers, etc.)
  • Reduction of abiotic and biotic stress using less pesticides or fungicides
  • Ability to unlock more natural fertility out of soils
  • Ability to turn on natural plant processes (i.e., more vigour)
  • Improved plant processes, uptake of more nutrients
  • Improved beneficial microbial activity at root system.
  • Increase plants natural resistance to pests and disease
  • Improved quality and increased quality.