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CropSIL® will strengthen a plant’s cell walls producing stronger healthier plants with massive root systems and increased resistance to pests and disease.

Cropsil Bottles

What is CropSIL®?​

CropSIL® is a silicon-based plant nutrient enhancer that also acts as a bioregulator in the dynamics of plant stress, metabolism, ethylene production and positive responses to diseases and/or pests. This patented formulation of stabilized Orthosilicic acid for plants (OSA) or also known as Monosilicic Acid (MSA) is in other words, a plant available Silicon for healthy plant growth. Monosilicic Acid is extensively researched and is proven to strengthen a plant’s cell walls, increase vigor and improve resistance to stress, resulting in better rooting and crop quality. This Silicon for plants interacts positively with other inputs and trace elements improving their agronomic performance and efficiency. It increases nutrient uptake and any availability of nutrients for plants in soils. Improving the overall crop performance. CropSIL® was developed specially for agriculture and can be used effectively in tank mixes with other inputs. Small amounts of CropSIL® induces in a plant physiological processes (mono-and dicots), as well as aiding and optimizing all other inputs like fertility and protection substances.

At its’ core, CropSIL® is a solution that helps to advance our agricultural outputs and quality across a variety of crops. CropSIL® formulation is a 100% biologically available soluble form of silicon for plants called Orthosilicic acid or Monosilicic Acid.

Super Charge your Spray Medium

CropSIL is stabilized silicic acid used to supercharge your spray medium by creating a silicic acid working solution. By adding a small amount of CropSIL to your water, you can improve the performance of watering and foliar spraying your crops. CropSIL also optimizes all other inputs in a tank mix allowing for a reduction in the usage of chemical inputs.

With a super charged solution, plants build stronger cell walls, larger more erect leaves with increased chlorophyll production and increased root mass that will optimize the improved uptake of nutrients, leading to more natural vigor and an increased resistance to stress. Therefore, the need for copious amounts of fertility and protective chemical inputs that also damage and toxify our environment is greatly reduced. Thus, enabling plants and crops to grow in a more natural way to produce healthier and sustainable outcomes.

Strong Leaf

Stronger Structure

CropSIL® will strengthen the plant’s cell walls.

Water Leaf

Better Hydration

Improved root system leads to better water management.

Sunlight Leaf

More Sunlight

Increases concentration of chlorophyll in leaf tissue.

Silicon's Use In Agriculture

Silicon is the second most abundant element on earth and can be found in all soil. The belief is that plants are unable to use silicon in its most common form and are still able to grow to maturity without the use of silicon (Si). Silicon is not considered to be essential to a plant’s growth and is not recognized as a primary nutrient for plants. However, the truth is that silicon does play very important roles in the growth cycle of all plants (vigour, production, resistance, etc.) as is being researched and discovered by academia. Studies have shown that silicon has a positive influence on uptake and vascular transport of micro-nutrients as well as improving the mechanical strength (structure) of the plant. Helping plants to resist stress and improve growth.

Natural weathering process turns a very small portion of silicon into plant available silicon (PAS), known as Monosilicic Acid (MSA) or Orthosilicic Acid (OSA) the only form of silicon utilized by plants. However, silicic acid is very unstable and in a soil environment rapidly binds to itself (polymerizes), quickly becoming once again unavailable to plants and leading to silicon deficiency and plant stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

CropSIL® is a patented formulation of stabilized Monosilicic Acid, the only form of silicon utilized by plants.

  • Stabilized Plant Available Silicon
  • Stable for more than 4 years in original packaging
  • Can be tank mixed with other inputs or used on its own
  • Does not need to be pH buffered before use
  • Certified as input
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to Use
  • Improves disease resistance.
  • Strengthens plants.
  • Increases weight and bulk.
  • Increases yields and flower weight
  • Increases stem strength and rigidity
  • Increases chlorophyll levels
  • Improves photosynthesis processes
  • Improves water management
  • Increases tolerance to high salinity– silicon has been shown to reduce problems arising from nutrient toxicity and/or imbalance.
  • Increases cell strength to help resist penetration of fungal diseases –particularly mildews.
  • Increases leaf strength improving wilting resistance.
  • Optimizes all other inputs (fertility and protection).
  • Improves crop uniformity and salability
  • Boosts germination
  • Improves photosynthesis
  • Monitors uptake of water and nutrients
  • Improves soil condition
  • Enhances yield and profit
  • Extends post-harvest shelf & transit life of produce
  • Stimulates germination, plant metabolism and growth response
  • Increases nutrient uptake and any availability of nutrients for plants in soils
  • Enhances cell strength, cell division and elongation
  • Improves the efficacy of systemic chemistry to enter the plant
  • Increases uptake of nutrients for plants, creating better brix’s which increases cellular stimulation

(General Usage only—For industrial & commercial growers please contact us for specific product protocols and optimized usage

CropSIL should be the first thing in the tank after your water. If you are a commercial grower, serious about improving your production, crop quality and bottom line, we recommend that you start by first creating a CropSIL spray solution. By adding, just 3 fl. Oz. of CropSIL to your water before adding any other input into the tank. CropSIL, can improve the performance of all other chemicals and inputs applied for crop production, protection and fertility. Your water will benefit from the use of CropSIL.


Seed and Cuttings Treatment

Create working solution:

  • Dilute: (2ml: 1,000ml)
  • 2ml CropSIL® in 1 liter of water (lukewarm). Allow seeds or cuttings to soak for approximately 12 – 24 hours in solution
  • Allow to air dry before planting, do a drench with working solution at time of planting.


Foliar and Drip Treatment

Create working solution:

  • Dilute: (CropSIL 1-2ml: Water 1,000ml)
  • Foliar application – Spray working solution directly on to the leaves of the plant, 3- to-9 times – with 14- to -21 days intervals over the entire growing cycle.



  • Dilute: (CropSIL 10ml: Water 1,000ml)
  • Drip application – Drip should be directly onto the roots of the plant
  • Start drip with clean water for 10-20min, then introduce the working solution to the line. Allow clean water to continue to flow through line for 20 min after working solution is completed.


The above is for General Usage only—please contact us for specific crop types and product information and optimization. For industrial and commercial growers please contact us for specific product protocols and optimized usage at

A cannabis fertilizer allows you to optimize the plant nutrients for Cannabis and Hemp – reducing the levels of growing Nitrogen, Potassium, & Phosphorus needed for a great crop.


  • CropSIL® cannabis fertilizer has no harmful or toxic chemicals in the formulation.
  • Our fertilizer is approved for use as a foliar and has passed Health Canada’s requirement for use on Cannabis and Hemp (Microbial scan, Heavy Metal scan & HC 96).
  • CropSIL® cannabis fertilizer has zero (0) MRL after just 24 hours from use.
  • CropSIL® is a superior cannabis input enhancer and seed germinator.
  • Our cannabis fertilizer reduces abiotic and biotic stress.

Silica plant nutrient has been an essential input for plant growth & development due to the following reasons.

  • Some plants without silica plant nutrients are more susceptible to fungal infection.
  • Silica plant nutrient has been proven to improve the plant’s protective attributes and yield.
  • Fibre crops given silica plant nutrients produce longer and stronger cellulosic fibres.
  • Silicon fertilizers with high PAS content have many potential benefits, and sufficient Si supply aids healthy growth and development.
  • Applied silicon fertilizers interact positively with applied major and trace elements improving their agronomic performance and efficiency.
  • Silicon fertilizers also enhance the plants’ ability to resist or tolerate biotic stress, such as insects, pests and fungal attacks.
  • Silicon fertilizers can help alleviate abiotic stresses due to acidity, salinity, and toxicities.
  • Silicon fertilizers can help reduce water loss and transpiration.
  • A hydroponic nutrient should contain – Manganese (Mn), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Molybdenum (Mo), Boron (B), Chlorine (Cl), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Sulphur (S), Iron (Fe), Nitrogen (N), Potassium (K), & Phosphorous (P).
  • A hydroponic nutrient is a liquid form of these elements provided to plants improving their yield without pesticide use during the process.