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   Who We Are

NuVia technologies Inc. is a leading developer and supplier of agricultural inputs, animal care products and fine chemicals. Our cutting-edge technologies provide innovative, unique solutions that improve product quality, safety and aesthetics for a wide range of agricultural/horticultural and animal care industries.

At NuVia, we are committed to developing solutions based on the knowledge that sustainable chemistry is an integral part of today’s problem solving. Our focus is to provide solutions that help agrarian businesses improve their performance and competitive advantage by meeting the regulatory demands of the global market for high quality, beneficial offerings.

NuVia has developed several unique offerings and specialty products that play a vital role towards attaining sustainable food security.

NuVia’s mission is simple and clear: “Provide value-added solutions to advance sustainable food security”.


NuVia Technologies Inc. is engaged in the market development, production and sale of natural and bio-based technologies for agricultural/aquaculture and animal care markets. NuVia’s core zeolite and silicon technologies have been the driver for several commercial product developments.

To provide sustainable and high quality food security to a growing global population is our desire. NuVia, has developed safe ‘do-no-harm’ solution for farming that contributes to the global need to increase food production for a rapidly growing population. These inputs are unique cost-effective solutions that improve competitive advantages for the farmer and meets the value needs of the consumer. This core value is a key part of our success and drives productivity, growth, profitability and sustainability throughout the organization.

NuVia is committed to environmental responsibility in all its business activities and operations. A commitment that has the company poised to substantially realize on the global opportunities for NuVia’s agro-inputs and animal care offerings.

In 2011, NuVia Technologies Inc. initiated the development of natural and organic bio-stimulants based on silicon, humic and zeolite sciences, that helps to improve a crops health, quality and quantity. Whilst, reducing the level of other chemical inputs (fertilizers, herbicides and fungicides) or positively optimize their performance.

NuVia’s offerings are developed to maximize the customers value on a sustainable basis. Supported by a strong technical team with in depth knowledge and first-hand experience in agricultural, aquiculture and veterinarian science.  NuVia® is progressively expanding and improving its sustainable and organic product line with the benefit of having a broader range of application.